Jim Stinson

Video: Digital Communication and Production

Today, a person trained in digital video can work with equal confidence in film, because, aside from certain technicalities of lighting and cinematography, film production shares essentially the same computer-based processes and techniques.

Major Sections
Quick Launch: Chapters 1 and 2 get students out making videos immediately.

Video communication: Chapters 3 through 8 cover the concepts and principles behind the hardware and production techniques.

Preproduction: Chapters 9 and 10 present the crucial processes involved in preparing to make successful programs. This edition includes expanded material on scriptwriting for different video genres.

Videography, lighting, and audio: Chapters 11 through 16 introduce all major aspects of technical production. The chapters on lighting have been reorganized and expanded from two to three, to clarify procedures and include more solutions for practical lighting problems.

Directing: Chapters 17 and 18 survey the art and craft of directing both the camera and the people it records.

Postproduction: Chapters 19 through 24 explain the basics of digital post. In this new edition, the original four chapters have been largely replaced by six new or heavily revised units that treat digital editing in greater depth, including professional-level DVD authoring.

Intended primarily for college and senior high school video production courses, the book has proved equally popular with independent video makers, both serious hobbyists and entry-level professionals. It has been used successfully in 7th and 8th grade classes as well. The extensive treatment of video communication has proved an excellent resource in media literacy studies.

1. About Video
2. Getting Started
3. Video Space
4. Video Time
5. Video Composition
6. Video Language
7. Video Sound
8. Video Communication
9. Program Development
10. Production Planning
11. Camera Systems
12. Camera Operation
13. Lighting Tools
14. Lighting Design
15. Lighting Applications
16. Recording Audio
17. Directing for Content
18. Directing for Form
19. Editing Operations
20. Editing Principles
21. Digital Editing
22. Mastering Digital Software
23. Authoring DVDs
24. Analog Editing

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