Jim Stinson


Tassy Morgan's Bluff

San Andreas, California. It may be a quaint town, but its residents have high hopes for its future as a tourist destination. There's Bill the Fixer, the handyman who sidelines in chainsaw-carved redwood sculptures; real estate agent Margaret Nam, who plans to make a mint rehabing beach shacks; Old Mrs. Lagan, the social arbiter who's best friend is named Harvey's Bristol Cream; and Jimi, the well-to-do hair stylist whose chair is the epicenter of village gossip. Amid their town's growing pains, widower Linc Ellis and Tassy Morgan, a recently divorced painter, meet and -- much to their surprise -- sparks begin to fly.

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Selected Works

Tassy Morgan's Bluff
A wry. funny introduction to the quirky inhabitants of a small town on the breathtakingly scenic northern tip of California.
College textbook
Video: Digital Communication and Production
A complete introductory course in professional media production
Double Exposure, a Stoney Winston mystery
A missing girl, a porno ring, and a randy evangelist lure Stoney into arson, murder, and other inconveniences.
Low Angles, A Stoney Winston mystery
Mayhem and murder on location, as Stoney helps produce a Hell's Angels biker epic.

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